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Download Chicagojis v1: Chicago Firsts


Even after moving to Toronto 4 years ago, Chicago is my home. Chicago will always be my home. Chicago made me who I am today. The City of Big Shoulders welcomed this farm girl from Arkansas. Chicago mentored me, nurtured me, and within a couple years I was a full-time creative. By the time I left Chicago for new challenges in Toronto, I was living the life I had always dreamed of.

No other city on earth celebrates grit like Chicago does. If you've got the hustle and the vision, Chicago will make your dreams come true. Or at least, it did for me.

This first pack of Chicago Emojis (Chicagojis sounds better than Chicagomojis) is an homage to what I call the Chicago Firsts.

The first slice of Chicago pizza or a Chicago handshake.

The first polar vortex.

The first visits to tourist sites like the Sears Tower and The Bean.

Chicago is a city of icons. I hope you enjoy using this emoji pack as much as I enjoyed making it. Only certain platforms allow custom emojis to be added. This includes Slack, Discord, and Telegram. All 16 Chicagojis are included in the Zip file.

I offer this pack freely in honor of the city that made me. If you like my work, please follow me on Instagram at @aecreyer.


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